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 Focus on Fashion Spring and Summer Cambridge Satchel


This season, emerge in endlessly of abstract graphics let yourself in the storm of fashion world. It has god dizzy dazzled, in the fashion industry this year chun xia fashionable element which again will popular? Below this year will focus on fashion cambridge satchel embossed!

Different style, different factions in the research of the designer geometry, on a point, line and plane to pounce. Dries Van Noten coat of the secret to the black line, Emilio Pucci swimsuit on the qualities of the diamond and into the triangle, could be compared to the plane art works.

In Marni, big dot become the main melody of conference, through and the combination of case grain, the use of color piece, dot performance never dull. In addition to print in the cloth of dot, and by each circle joining together of hollow out into the render skirt, in layer upon layer of wear set, rich administrative levels feeling of the clothing. Hollow out of a show the geometry of the way, by stylist is used in great quantities in the: Proenza Schouler trousers small round hole, Fendi Pucci dress and the paper-cut effect, and Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier box type structure.

Designers not only dote on plane geometry, more willing to experiment in stereo geometry. Calvin Klein silk white skirt has a plaster models squat rectangular components like sleeve skirt and body, Christopher Kane by countless rounds, let miniskirt of circular breakthrough 2 d boundary, become part of the building outline
The collapse of the economy that is the market rules and review our way, fashion can not so abstruse and bearing, but last a few season strong woman image, but in this environment but appears more and more narcissistic up. Designers will be women back to its place.

Marc Jacobs in their own brand show, he said, "everything is in women. We've been in the study itself, discover the female qualities, and how the female temperament to make them look bright and colorful, Ming yan as people. They have 90 s clad style, but a bit of a stereotype. Later we return to the original idea, that is captured inspiration comes up, or overlap or collage or through any gimmick making... they some like gypsies, some like grassland girl, some like the sophisticated city man, some like simple country people, and as the girl of the campus, but they are beautiful and vivid." This season, the tide table showed not only in the waist line return to a normal proportion, in colour, printing, the widespread use of silk fabrics did out.

Trousers to continue the quarter fierce momentum, through the changing proportion and outline, in Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney presumptuous guest usurps the host's role of the conference, rob do skirt thunder. This season-even the pants style body outfit, dried up at that time of it is unexpected return the speed of the fashion world. Whether vest type, shirt type or suit type, by increasing the waist line, lowered the volume, so has the incomparable recreational feeling, and handsome is dye-in-the-wood.
Fashionable dress pursue lightsome, thus always avoid as thin as the gauze and snow spins bao ruchan ala.

Fashionable cambridge satchel, thus always avoid as thin as the gauze and snow spins bao ruchan ala. Transparent poetic, after Nina Ricci short before long dress like a wind elegant shape, but transparent is a problem, very few people were willing to show the chest. The use of the concept of petticoat Fendi, pencil skirt and hollow out of translucent tulips skirt set of wear together, it may be said to uncover also cease.

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