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 Be the Most Beautiful Woman in the Spring with Cambridge Satchel


Hereby article, dedicated to all women. I wish them a happy holiday and happiness. Be beautiful woman in women's day. The spring breeze blown you hair tip, you appear enchanting and moving toward cambridge satchel. You long dust coat, dancing with the spring breeze, you more show elegant and natural and unrestrained.


Your smiling face, like the split in the grass green wild flowers in the same bright. I stand quietly, like poplar general silently appreciate you is remarkably group of charm. Sometimes there is a sound of two twitter ring out, like in a praise you. You said that you would do the most beautiful woman in spring, I believe. Small clear, deep lake like you beautiful eyes, SuiSuiDe flashing light. Yesterday the creeping past, would have been like the spring breeze CanDong cleaning, from the heart and you want to clean! Your confidence as the desert resistant, looking at the green oasis of hazy, believed that the spring breeze soon will be full of the branches of his green. You walk on in the field, gentle and graceful figure, let AnLiu envy. You like the white clouds, in the spring look for everywhere in the habitats of harbor. I have a crush on vision, like a spring morning mist, permeates the earth. You warm warm sunshine, broken my love. Your son fly high clouds, in the blue sky, the clouds scud across, let me not and desire. I know, you are bound to spring is the most beautiful woman.


You the fate of hull in the past, like a heavy dashan, pressure in your weak body. You will bear, the tear the day of facial cleanser, such as the long winter. Spring is right! Is the beautiful spring, let you covered with dark clouds heart, through into a wisp of warm sunshine. You slowly wipe the tears, the pine trees as snow, hardy stand chest. I really admire you, with the booming of love green lawn welcome you, with the spring breeze whispered gently warm with you. You get rid of those dark days, walked into the beautiful spring scenery in the spring. Your heart in of love, in spring germination, such as a ChunQing surge. Face a sweep of data Yin light, shy flush and hang a full face, the smiling faces of the give the gloss. You originally is the most beautiful woman in the spring. Clear waters to remember your face, give you a clear blue sky shows the elegant demeanour of his stage, joy stream for you sang happy song, happiness for you yinke dyed the hillside, tall mountains for you to observe the white head. I stupid waiting, like a leaf green full of spring. Pray for a march rain, such as the whispering of the love you, come to the sound of my heart. Let me drunk heart, in your warm warm feelings, quiet sleep.


You like a bird, the joy of the heart by the green grass dew on the wash of pure, bright and clean. Your gentle love, such as a peep in green earth flow. I can feel that, if you hit a deer with excitement, I can hear you were beating. I dare say, you actually turn, is the most beautiful I see flowers. You put the kind of sowing full of the earth, and grow a green grass shade the integrity of the world. The grass applaud you applaud for you celebrate the spring breeze. You bright-coloured colour gown across the colourful, gorgeous and dazzing. You must be the most beautiful woman in the spring. The spring breeze swaying up your smile, the spring rain for you with fine threads continuously tender feelings, the river is you is day and night not indulge in the singing, the bird call you green mountain forest, the sunlight for you throw warm warm enthusiasm. I opened the green for you of heart, waiting for you to a white clouds widely across, sprinkle with love the rain points. In the lush green grass green I between, open up the most beautiful flowers. The spring and the most beautiful scenery, touched people are suffering the growing fatigue life of the mind. People often say, be moist by love woman will be more beautiful.


Then I want to say that with Classic Cambridge Satchel women will be more charming and fashion. So let us be the most beautiful in women's day.

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